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Now I have my new website for my frieds overseas, and someone who are interested in japan!!


Check and enjoy my new website!!


Hello Welcome to my website.

this website is my travelog for other travelers.

I’m sorry most of contents are written in Japanese.

but you can enjoy my pictures from here.

and I also have my youtube account,

most of my video doesn’t need japanese skill 

you can enjoy my videos from here.


Check my travel route from here

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and now, I start my new challenge “Instagram.

I try to post one picture, each one day.

with my strange English sentence.

Yes,with English sentence.

so, this account is for Non-japanese people.

Please enjoy my new challenge!!! 

about me!!


  • 19/10/1988   
  • born in Japan(saitama) 


  • Kendo(japanese traditional sport)  over 10years
  • Paragliding 3years


  • Study about philosophy in University
  • worked as ,in Pharmaceutical company,Tutor,Detective/Part time job
  • worked as ,Childminder,Engineer of Space Tech /Professional
  • now Traveler


  • Watching sport, Kendo and Sumo(favorite sumo wrestler = Homasho)
  • Food, Hayashi rice(japanese food similar to curry and rice)
  • Book, Greg Egan(Austrarian SF writer)
  • Movie, PingPong /Matrix/Armageddon
  • Anime, Ghost in the shell/Planethes/A Place Further than the Universe

!!Enjoy my website and Instagram!!